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 Jose in Irving, TX

Man my daughter is having so much fun with him.  Now she won’t stop bugging about wanting one for herself.  So I might be calling for another one.



Leslie in Dallas, TX

He seems happy.  He is eating, drinking, and loves to be out of the cage!!! My daughter and the bird actually took a nap together today.  He fell asleep on her shoulder,nestled in her hair.  She named him Africa. Thank you for our new addition.:) Leslie 

Sue in Stratford, CT

Loki got home safe! he is really adorable i hope my boyfriend likes him when he comes home tonight. Your right about him caling to me. i put a blanket on him then closed the door with the light off and he starting making his version of a chirping sound at me lol. He seems to like the harrison pellet food i put into his cage hopefully he will continue to
like it better than my tiel :) Sue
Sue in Stratford, CT

Jewel is so adorable and she loves carrots and broccoli its funny to watch her eat it lol. She sometimes sounds like a raptor when she chirps lol its so cute.


 Laurie in Benbrook, TX

We really love Sophie.  She is a real joy.  So sweet and loveable.  Thank you again.






 Meagan in Texas

Ryo's doing good, he is spoiled of course and loves attention. He just got some new toys (I replaced old ones) so he now has 16 toys hanging and his foot toys to play with, he loves coming out of the cage and being with me. I've attached some pictures, he is a very beautiful boy. I also attached a video of him rolling over.





Marie in Texas

Pina is doing really well. I took her to the vet and they loved her and she is healthy Conure along with Joey (Cockatiel)(found out she was girl).
They love to share their cages every now and then.There are days I have to force them apart for those just in case moments. The avian vet said just to let them continue to share the cages so they will not have agression later on.
Pina loves to eat a lot of fruit but when it comes to eating the peas i have to be stubborn with her and not let her win. lol. She is a cutie and I love her alot.




Coni in Lubbock, Texas

Gadget, a green pied male parrotlet doing well at his new home.








 Autumn in Texas

Just sending a friendly update.  Here's a picture of Finnian (Baby 9).  He's doing well and getting new feathers in.  He say's hi by the way.  :)